Support for Single-Shard multi document ACID transactions

To support benefits of ACID transactions with fully-denormalized document data modeling, MongoDB added single-shard ACID transaction support in the released 4.0. These single-shard transactions apply ACID properties on updates across multiple documents those are present in the same shard. Multi-shard transactions supposed to implement in release 4.2.

Scenario, how it works?

  1. Client application will get a database session Read on →

Change Stream is easiest way to subscribe database changes realtime, its based on mongoDB oplog(Operation Log) technology. An ideal use case would be ETL operational data to a reporting and visualization data store via kafka data pipeline.

MongoDB real time data sync technologies

  1. mongodb oplog technology based changestream enable applications to stream real-time data changes Read on →

Active Storage

Active Storage supports modern approach for file uploading to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Cloud file storage. It will also provide references to active record database tables active_storage_blobs and active_storage_attachments. rails active_storage:install will install initial setup for active storage. Read on →