What is MapR?

MapR is a complete enterprise-grade distribution for Apache Hadoop. The MapR Data Platform has been developed to improve Hadoop’s reliability, performance, and ease of use. The MapR provides a full Hadoop stack that includes the MapR File System (MapR-FS), the MapR-DB NoSQL database management system, MapR Streams, the MapR Control System (MCS) user interface, and a full family of Hadoop ecosystem projects. Read on →

Higher-Order Components(HOCs), Render Props and Custom Hooks are techniques to share common functionality between components. It’s recommended to always go with hooks wherever possible. HOCs and render props patterns require you to restructure your components when you use them, which can be cumbersome and make code harder to follow.

Higher-Order Components

Higher-order component is a function that takes a component as an argument and returns a new component. HOC adds additional data and functionality to original component so new component also referred to as Enhanced component. Read on →

Without encryption of data at rest, system role with access to file system can view data even without proper database permissions. A proper authentication can be used to protect data used by an application but data sitting in file system has been area of risk.

With encryption at rest, it has been possible to protect data in transit when moving over the network. Data at Rest Encryption is a requirement for HIPAA, PCI regulations. Read on →

I recently used a tool named dive to explore docker images developed and maintained by teammates or opensourced docker images. I used to look into Dockerfile steps to explore image layes. dive brings cli-ui and using arrow and tab keys we can explore each layer in left pane while layer contents listed in right pane. Read on →

These are the jMeter optimization steps we have taken to simulate 1M request per second concurrency test for REST application deployed on Kubernetes cluster.

Use a High Capacity Jenkins Slave to run jMeter jmx script

We have added a high capacity Jenkins slave node to run only jMeter performance test and have done jMeter installation on that server. All performance test jobs are restricted to run on that labeled slave node. Read on →