Octopress: Programmer Friendly Blogging

Nowadays blogs I am reading are mostly running with jekyll and using octopress to publish. Lot of my friends migrated from WordPress to Octopress. I was curious why they are doing so and what is the advantege with Octopress over WordPress. As an experiment I started developing a gihub pages application using Octopress and I found it very simple and easy to write. Good fit for my blog application.

Why I like?

1) Free github/heroku hosting and easy deploy

2) No database required( even for comments )

3) Easy to intigrate and restore comments with disqus( till it is free )

4) Don’t need to move from your terminal to publish a blog

5) Skill required – git, markdown, vim/emacs( any text editor )

6) Lightweight and Fast running

7) Lots of themes available

8) etc etc etc ( still exploring )