Rails 4 ActiveSupport::Concern is a very cool feature to organize your module in such a way that when you include module in a class you don’t need to write extra callbacks to extend or include methods in your class. This feature is a great way to keep your code organized and DRY. This handles module dependencies also.

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Ruby 2.0 has been released now question is, what’s new in ruby 2.0. Below list of new features introduced in ruby 2.0.

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In continuation of previous post for Jasmine, here I want to share my experience with Jasmine and Ajax. I want to show how cool it is with jasmine to test ajax calls in javascript. Read on →

In web development, if we are doing web 2.0 and modern web concepts, we have to write a lot of javascript and ajax calls and that will increase client side javascript day by day. Read on →

Since our team always works with technology edge whether it is rails or ruby, from last week we started moving to ruby 1.9.3 and rails 3.1.3. I am sharing our experiences we found during migrating our product to rails and ruby latest release. Read on →