Last week I migrated my blog from WordPress to Octopress and find it very cool blogging engine. Though, migraiton of posts and pages was quite easy but migration or you can say linking of Disqus comments from WorlPress pages to Octopress was difficult. Read on →

Nowadays blogs I am reading are mostly running with jekyll and using octopress to publish. Lot of my friends migrated from WordPress to Octopress. I was curious why they are doing so and what is the advantege with Octopress over WordPress. Read on →

JavaScript is a prototype-based OOP language in which behaviour reuse (inheritance) is achieved using existing objects which serve as prototypes. Whenever you assign a object as prototype of other object, properties and methods will be available to that object. Read on →

After cloud computing, Multi-tenancy and SOA become a buzzword for tech companies those provide B2B solutions.

Multi-tenancy will reduce the cost and simplifies the release management. Read on →

Rails 4.0 and newer version will support ruby 1.9.3+ only. It wont work with lessor version then ruby 1.9.3. Major developments are below –

Ruby 2.0 preferred; 1.9.3+ required

Strong Parameters


Russian Doll Caching

Live Streaming

Rails Queue

Asynchronous Action Mailer

Barebone Models – ActiveModel::Model


Custom Flash Types

Flush content_for blocks

Rounting Concerns

Multiple Route Files

PostgreSQL Array Support

Page and Action Caching

Cache Digest

Controller Wise ETags

where.not and Chainable relation.none and Relation._!

Action Callbacks Renamed

Default Index Page

HTML5 Input Helpers

Models Concerns

vendor/plugins and Ruby 1.9.3 Lesser Banned!